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Welcome Educators to Start Your Engines!


For VETC Attendees Know Your Resources.  Click here for the PowerPoint which contains hyperlinks. 

For VSTE Attendees Take the High Road.  Click here for the Know Your Resources pdf with hyperlinks. 




Midge Liggan is an Instructional Technology Resource Teacher serving 9 locations for 

Richmond Public Schools, including the Assistive Technology Lab.  Midge is a NTTI Master

Teacher, as well as a Cable in the Classroom  and NASA Teacher of the Year recipent.  

Midge is a certified software professional, NETS*T board certified, and SMART Notebook

Certified Trainer.


E-mail Midge



Adrienne Garner and Melanie Koch are Occupational Therapists and Assistive Technology Specialists in the Richmond City Public School system. They work within both General Education and Exceptional Education to facilitate inclusion and learning throughout educational categories and environments. They work with students and teachers using a variety of methods to assist students in accessing the curriculum and/or school environment.  These methods may be considered low technology (pencil grips), high technology (laptop computer), or environmental (slant board for writing). They coordinate and lead staff development as well as training and engagement for the school district’s Assistive Technology Center.  Melanie is a graduate of McGill University in Toronto. Adrienne holds a BS in Occupational Therapy earned at Howard University


E-mail Adrienne 


E-mail Melanie



Conference Presentations:


VSTE 2011

EdTech 2012



Staff Development Sessions Available:



Hands-on Workshops: 


Get Smart with SMART Board

AT Training for unified SMART Boards.  Topics include Notebook Tools, Multimedia Gallery, InkAware, You and Your Airliner, SMART Exchange, and Wiki site for resources.


Get the Picture

What's so fun about PhotoStory 3?  Get the picture on how to integrate PhotoStory3 into the exceptional education classroom and for the inclusion model.  Sample activities, plans, and more will be available to attendees.


Microsoft Accessibility Tools

Learn to use built-in accessibility features and utility tools for desktop display, sound and speech, keyboard and mouse.


Social Explorer

Explore the US through interactive maps and reports using census/map data from 1790-2000.  Learn how to use tabulated historical census data to create custom reports, slide shows, and more.





Don't Click It!

Unusual internet sites for your enjoyment and those of your students.  These  sites are not generally considered to be "educational" as related to the Elementary Standards of Learning, but are they fun!  Many offer interactive engagement.


Educators, Start Your Engines!

Promote literacy for all learners! Get strategies and ideas for adapting books and learning materials. See software

that will enhance your ability to create adaptive materials. Handouts and templates will be provided.


Know Your Resources

Discover free and minimal cost resources for assistive technology use. Develop strategies to locate these sources.





Lesson Plans and Ideas





























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